Now taking speaking requests for the following programs.

Family Night Program Options

Fiqh of Social Media Keynote

  • 90 minute presentation targeted toward general family audience
  • Effects of social media on spirituality
  • Applying lessons from various hadith of the Prophet (s) to the digital age
  • Friendships in the age of social networking
  • Impact of technology on family dynamics
  • 4 step action plan for managing social media  in relation to self, family, and community

Prophetic Leadership Presentation

  • Understanding leadership foundations such as the 'Law of the Lid'
  • Everyone has a responsibility to lead
  • Prophetic leadership principles from the story of Tufayl bin 'Amr
  • Leadership legacy of the Prophet (s)

1 Day Saturday Workshop Options

Khateeb Workshop & Sister's Public Speaking Workshop

  • Abridged version of the full program from Qalam Institute taught to over 800 students.
  • Targeted toward khateebs and anyone who will be delivering general Islamic presentations such as halaqahs, family night talks, MSA programs, interfaith, and other presentations.
  • Quranic principles for communication
  • Topic and message ideation
  • Speech construction (narrative, essay, YouTube)
  • Preparation process
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Public speaking techniques
  • Feedback loop

Leadership Bootcamp

  • Targeted toward a board, shura, or executive committee audience. Can be modified for a general audience if requested.
  • How faith based personal development can help you level up professionally
  • Leadership lessons from the seerah
  • Practical application of leadership in modern organizations
  • Leading with barakah
  • Mindsets and mental models
  • Teamwork principles for successful collaboration
  • Group decision making dynamics
  • Dealing with different personality types
  • Collaborating using Design Thinking principles

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